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All About Health and Fitness at UofL


Being a student is hard and stressful. Many struggle between finding time for work, studying, and their own health. Luckily, at the University of Louisville, they provide a number of services that allow students the ability to juggle all of these things while maintaining a broke college students budget (if there is one).
The Health Promotion Center works to help all students succeed academically, as well as, in their personal lives. Their mission is “Collaborating to building a campus community that promotes vitality, resilience, health and academic excellence. “ They promote healthy lifestyles and host a number of services and programs to ensure a healthy campus environment. They also collaborate with other centers on campus to help enhance the health of students and so they can provide a wide variety of health services. Some of these services include free HIV testing, sexual health services which include free condoms, eating awareness training, mindfulness and meditation, and much more! While some of these things can be difficult or awkward to discuss, their staff is very open and knowledgable on all topics and make you feel very comfortable. Their location is on the third floor of the Student Activities Center in room W309, right next to the movie theater. They are open Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm. More of the services they offer are:
U-Fit is a fitness program, where you can get four 45-minute sessions with a fitness coach and you can get your very own workout plan.  A average non-student person would have to fork over a hundred dollars, but for a UofL student, it is only $10!
Another sweet program that is provided by Health Promotion is chair massages.  Usually a $40 deal, you can get one for just 8 dollars.  Some benefits listed includes better sleep, less stress, and can sure help you relax your back after a long day of classes and studying!
During Finals time, they offer various places around campus to allow student to take a flash nap in between finals tests. These power naps help students restore energy for their upcoming test.
With finals time quickly approaching, leaders of the Health Promotion group are offering a special quiet space for study time, free massages, and free coffee, tea and snacks. Since this is supposed to be a quiet place, students can also take a nap. This will take place on Reading day, which is December 5th, from 11am-4pm in room W309K of the Student Activities Center.
The student recreation center, also known as the SRC, is a 128,000 square foot facility. This facility was built in order to expand space for the ever growing recreational and fitness opportunities at U of L. In the past 5+ years the Sports Club program had grown from 8 to 22 active clubs, group fitness class participation had increased to 100% over the past 3+ years, and student involvement in intramural sports had been flourishing over time. Since these areas were shown to be successful and constantly growing the SRC was built to accommodate the growth in these areas, as well as, for the growing student population. The SRC is one of U of L’s best features on campus. The fitness center includes a variety of informal recreation, such as, multiple group fitness studios, 6 basketball courts, 14,000 square feet of strength training areas, an indoor golf simulator, and much more! The SRC even has a link where you can make an account and reserve racquetball courts, etc. The SRC is open 7 days a week, which include: Monday-Thursday (6:30 a.m.-11:00 p.m.); Friday (6:30 a.m.-10:00 p.m.), Saturday (11:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.), and Sunday (1:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.)
It is easy to stay in shape at the University of Louisville with amenities like the SRC. With so many options, one can find themselves using different parts of the center each and every time they go. In fact, every time I am there, I notice a new feature to be honest. The SRC being free with student enrollment, as well as it being within walking distance to almost all living facilities on campus, makes going to the gym that much easier. It is motivating going to the SRC because it is filled with college students all in the same boat. There are different sections of the gym that can allow you to be surrounded with others, or hidden if you prefer to work out alone. Also, personally working out sometimes get redundant. However, the SRC entails for that by offering classes, games, intramural, and many more outlets that will get your daily exercise in! You won’t even realize that you are working out.
So….what are you waiting for?! GET TO THE SRC TODAY!



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My Favorite Time of the Year…

November and December have to be the most memorable months of the year.  The reason I say that is because these times are filled with tons of holidays, cheers, love, warm snuggles, family, friends, food, and more!  I think celebrating the holidays with your loved ones is one of the purest most genuine things I will ever do in my life.

November is my birth month, which entails for a day where so many people overwhelm me with love and happiness!  Also, I get to smile all day, and have people give me special treatment 😉 LOL…Also, November holds Thanksgiving where we can become extra thankful for each and everything and everyone we have in our lives while stuffing our faces with amazing food (too much food might I add).

Flash forward to December, and the lights begin to be hung all throughout town along with decorations that instantly make me feel happy and warm and fuzzy on the inside.  All month, we can binge watch the greatest Christmas movies, over sing the classic Christmas tunes, all while drinking hot chocolate and eating so many yummy desserts and treats!  Also, enjoying the snow and go to fun holiday events around town always gets everyone in the holly jolly spirit!  And of course…. CHRISTMAS EVE AND CHRISTMAS DAY.  These two days are amazing days filled with worship, love, family and friends, eggnog, wine, football, fires in the house, stockings filled, giddy Christmas year, and all the in between.

I am so happy this time of year is back, and I am going to be sure to soak in every single moment and be more grateful than ever for all that I am truly blessed to have this holiday season!


My Fitness Pal is my Best Friend

My Fitness Pal is an app that has religiously been a part of my everyday life.  Being a college athlete, the importance of health and fitness is stressed all the time.  Furthermore, having a trainer for my dance team, he has in depth explained how we are to count our grams of fat, protein, and carbs throughout a day.  Therefore, I use this app to plan what I am going to eat, and have learned an immense amount about foods that I had definitely not known about previous to using this app.  For example, come Sunday of the week I will log into My Fitness Pal, and try to roughly plan out what I will eat for the duration of the week.  Therefore, I can make my grocery list according to what I believe I will eat for the most part throughout the week.  Personally, I find that there are many advantages to this app.  I think it is amazing to be able to learn what different foods are composed of, and to see how many calories a certain person should consume in a day to maintain a certain body weight. Also, I find it clever how we can track our physical health by realizing how many calories we burn through active periods throughout the day. I believe that being able to see the benefits of walking, running, boxing, etc. will motivate more people to work out. A strength of this app is that you can see how many grams of fats, proteins, carbs, sodium, etc. are in each item of food.



All in all, I find this app to be a positive thing if used in a moderate manner. I think it is an awesome feature to be able to realize truly what you are putting in your bodies, what foods are truly composed of, and allow us to strive to live a healthier lifestyle simply by planning out and being conscious of the foods we put into our bodies.




time management

It’s Time to Manage Your Time…

Anybody else find themselves quickly going from perfectly in tact with your life and to do list, to be completely off track you have no idea what to do next?!?!


I personally have been there too, and I am here to ensure you that things can get better!  Life is always busy, and never fails to send you for a loop every once in a while that you were not expecting.  Being a full time college student, full time athlete, and full time cast member on a television show definitely fills up my time day in and day out.  However, it has definitely allowed me to master time management.

I am the absolute queen of to do list. I think everyone should make a to do list, and updated if not more than once than at least once a day! In doing this, you are able to look at everything that needs to be done in your life, whether it be recreational, academic, athletic, errands, etc!  From there, I use my calendar to plan when each of my things needs to be done by and make sure I can manage it!

Secondly, every Sunday is my  P L A N N I N G day.  By this I mean, that every Sunday I make a log of what I need to do for the week and what I will do throughout the week each and everyday.  This way I know ahead of time what each of my days entails and nothing is thrown in my face as a surprise! Also, doing this can allow you to make adjustments easily if life has different plans for you one day!

SOOOOO…go ahead and get planning! You will never miss an assignment or grocery item again 😉


life lesson

when it rains…it pours

Have you ever heard of the saying “when it rains, it pours”?  Sometimes I used to hear this saying growing up, and did not really understand it, even perhaps took it literally as in an act of the weather.  However, growing up the more I have come to realize not only what this term means but that it is very true.

It seems that every time something per say negative happens in my life it trumps a trickle effect of more negative things adding up….so much that you almost feel like you cannot take another thing.  The rain turns into a torrential down pour, and you begin to question if it will ever be positive and sunny again?

As hard as it may be to accept…..

The answer is Y E S it will be okay again sometime.

God has a magical way of helping us understand life to its fullest whether it benefits us or is painful to get through.  In addition, it is clear to me that everyday I go through of spout of negative things in my life I begin to become more thankful for all the good things I have.  Also, the smallest positive thing in my life can completely make me smile and turn my day around.  All these negative rain storms are lessons that allows us to watch life come full circle before our very own eyes.

If things were almost sunshines and rainbows, would we appreciate it as much if we never had to endure the hard aches in life?



Give Thanks Everyday!!

We grow up learning about Thanksgiving, that it is a day in which we are to give thanks for all we are and all that we have.  However, why is it subjected to only be once a year?  I think our society as a whole would benefit immensely if we gave small thanks every single day of our existence.

The reason being, that if each and every single day we took ten minutes to realize and think about all we have to be grateful for, it would change our mindsets.  Think about it…who is not joyed and jolly on Thanksgiving day?  Unless you are the scrudge the answer is NO ONE!!

Having a positive outlook on life can be contagious.  Therefore, if we spread positivity and thanks everyday, the world would be a better place.  Mindset is truly everything, and guides our thoughts and outlooks plain and simple. If we practice a positive life, a positive life will occur.

It is easy to get caught up in each little negative thing that is wrong in our lives, and if we think and dwell on it too much than it will consume us.  Consuming negative thoughts will transfer into negative bids to one another, and can just in general cause for a more negative atmosphere, and lets be honest who wants that??!!

NO ONE AGAIN.  Being thankful is not a hard thing to do, and I firmly believe if we set our minds to see the good in each day, see the glass always half full, then our lives overall will be changed for the better!


reality tv

Being on Reality Television…

Not the average comment someone makes is that they are a part of a reality television series.  I was just like everyone not knowing that lifestyle, until January of 2017.  I am part of  Lifetime’s newest hit reality television series “So Sharp” which made its airing debut July 26, 2017.

“So Sharp” follows my coach, Todd Sharp, and my teammates and I on the prestigious University of Louisville Ladybirds Dance Team.  The show involves insight on our lives, our practices, our demandind schedule, our stress, our drama, and all the inbetween.  The first season followed our road to nationals where we prepared to defend our two national titles in NDA (National Dance Alliance) collegiate competition in Daytona Beach, FL.

Throughout the series, we perform games that prepare us for the nationals floor while it shows the stress pressure and hard work it takes to stay on top.  Through the blood, sweat, long hours, tears, drama, and more our team ended up coming together on top where we again double titled making HISTORY for the second year in a row.

It is different watching your everyday lives happen on national television, where people see you crying upset, struggling, hurting right before their very own eyes.  It was an amazing experience, and cool to see others appreciate all we do as a team, and more importantly as a family.  “So Sharp” season one just aired its season finale where we now wait to see if season two will come to fruition.  All in all, being on TV is pretty much an experience that cannot be put into words for many reasons.

Catch up on “So Sharp” on ON DEMAND, or find it on