Feeling Fearless…

Has anyone ever experienced the feeling of complete fearlessness…where nothing in the world could change the way you felt in that moment.  To me, being fearless is accepting your fears and scares but jumping anyway.  To me, being fearless is giving your all to someone that once let you down before.  To me, being fearless is falling in love again after your heart was once already broken.  To me, being fearless is an amazing thing.  To me, being fearless is something everyone should experience in their life.


One experience that left me completely fearless in the moment was


I will never forget that day..

I was visiting my boyfriend in Sarasota, FL this past summer, and was honestly just looking forward to spending the day with him in the beautiful sunshine state.  To my knowledge, I had no idea what was planned for the day.  We jumped into the car, and I kept insisting on knowing “where are we going?”.  He would not tell me, he just kept saying it is a surprise you will see.

We then pulled into a parasailing and water ski resort where the biggest smile entered across my face.  We were going parasailing!

Of course, being excited but nervous had me contemplating if I even wanted to go through with this.  However, my boyfriend knew I would fall in love with the experience and talked me through my fears.

Once we got onto the boat, got strapped in, got our pictures, and began to detach from the boat all my fears went away.  The feeling in the air, the pureness, the silence, the beauty, all are unexplainable feelings. Parasailing was one of the most amazing and breathtaking experiences I will ever come across in my life…I am sure of it!

Parasailing left me  F .  E .  A .  R .  L .  E .  S .  S .


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